*original, limited edition photo
(limited to 3 prints + 1 artist proof)
*80 * 80 print under acrylic glass
*on premium quality photo paper
*with aluminium rail
*with artists signature
*includes certificate of authenticity

year of creation: 2015
place of creation: germany


official press release iron republic series:

the saga continues - the republic is rising. In his controversially discussed iron republic series Vince creates a dystopic vision of a future in which women rule the world.
A complex game about power, ambushes and intrigues as well as the striving for power and political influence are closely connected with the rise of the republic.
These are also the central themes of his opus. Will the republic stand tall and face the challenges from the inside and the outside?
The series was first displayed at Kunscht 2016 at the municipal court in Stuttgart and gained a lot of attention even before the official beginning of the exhibition.
Like no other artist Vince polarizes with his artwork full of brute nakedness and post-apocalyptic spirit. His work encourages to reflect on sociopolitical issues - a fascinating world in which science fiction themes and dark erotic melt into a thrilling mixture.

bishop (iron republic series) LIMITED PRINT

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