"SEX, ART & ROCK 'N' ROLL" by Vince Voltage

200 pages
51 models
31 texts
22 designers
4 years of work

In his first book, Vince combines his artwork with matching personal texts, lyrics, interview excerpts and quotes that underline the visual statements and show his view on art, photography and life. 
Experience the thrilling mixture of breathtaking compositions, incredible looks and shocking concepts. Dive into the weird and wonderful world of Vince Voltage.

About the artist:
At mach speed, and four years is pretty fast, Vince engaged and made it; from shooting local chicks with his phone camera, to collaborating with top models and leading designers. Back in 2014, he did not even own a camera, only creativity, an iron will, and a slight case of madness which made him famous and brought him on the cover of international magazines and into exhibitions.
Witness the flash rise of an unprecedented shining light in digital art.
Unique. Bizarre. Inspiring. Sometimes weird and always two steps ahead.
The Art of Vince Voltage is a phenomenon and this book will contain the cream of the crop from the very beginning until today.

"SEX,ART & ROCK 'N' ROLL" book

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