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Vince Voltage



Vince fell in love with photography while touring Europe with his band, Pussy Sisster. Being completely self-taught - Vince never studied photography - he did not even care to read his camera's manual. 
On numerous trips to countries like Asia and North America he discovered travel photography, in which he still invests loads of time and energy. In recent years, to add to his portfolio, he concentrated on people photography and gained recognition in this field. Vince has worked for fashion labels and with international models of all walks of life. Today, his works can be seen at various exhibitions.


Jan-Feb 2016 / Amtsgericht Stuttgart
Nov 2016 / Haus der Wirtschaft Stuttgart
July 20th - Sep 30th 2017/ Alte Kanzlei Stuttgart
Nov 18th 2017 - Jan 13th 2018 "veracity" /
Galerie Nieser (exhibition had been prolonged for 2 weeks)
May 26th - June 6th 2018 "Fleisch Flesh Meat" /
Bunker Hill Galerie Hamburg, St. Pauli 
Oct 21st - Nov 17th 2018 "iron republic" / Peters Wohnzimmer Ludwigsburg
Nov 24th 2018 - Jan 11th 2019 "digital art jesus" /
20 years Galerie Nieser (impressions)
Jan 13th 2019 "#plssenddickpics" at Honeyland / Delta Essen
Feb 2nd 2019 "obsession" Edelfettwerk Hamburg
Jul 25-29th 2019 "high voltage" Vancouver, Canada
Aug 17th 2019 "#retox" Galerie Nieser
Jul 27th - Aug 10th 2019 "Plattform 11" Auktionshaus Nagel
Oct 19th 2019 - "Vince Voltage exhibition" at Isarforum Munich
Nov 8th 2019 "fuck art - let`s fuck" Avantgardista Munich
Nov 14th 2019 "artificial downtown - the exhibition" Arcotel Stuttgart
Nov 15th 2019 "passion" Edelfettwerk Hamburg, Videoinstallation
Dec 20th - 22th 2019 - Villa Flora Munich (sensual Xmas)
Jan 18th 2020 - group exhibiton at Galerie Nieser
/w Claus Rudolph, Herzogin Iris Caren von Württemberg, Constantin Schiller, Heike Schiller, Chris Magdalena Nonninger, Thomas Kilian, Martin Schmidgall, Jens-Horst Werlein, Trebron, Thomas Ruff, Harald Glööckler, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Savua
Feb 29th 2020 "100% UNCENSORED" Edelfettwerk Hamburg
March 21th - 29th "Plattform11" Dorotheenquartier Stuttgart /
Lange Nacht der Museen
May 31th - June 1st 2020  "Neo Dark Art: part I - the rise" at Wave Gothic Treffen Leipzig (canceled)
July 2020 "100% UNCENSORED part II" Vienna
July 12th 2020 - Nov 2020 - "under our skin" pop up experience at OhJulia Stuttgart
April-May 2020 "the rise & fall" Galerie Nieser
online exhibition opening (May 8th 2020)
PLATTFORM 11 - pop up exhibition "art galery outlet city"
opening Aug 29th (exhibition closes Sept 12th) 2020
Oct 23th - 24th 2020 - AVANTGARDISTA (canceled)
Nov 13th - Dec 19th 2020 - AVANTGARDISTA pop up store Schwanthalerhöhe Munich / showroom
Sat 14th Jan 2021 - "let them eat art" /w JayTwo & Claus Rudolph at Galerie Nieser
Sat 21th Jan 2022 - LANGE NACHT DER MUSEEN - Banh-Mi & Bubbles Stuttgart
/w Glück, Jaytwo, Jeroo, Julia Schwickler, Orkan Tan, Sansan & Loest
June 3rd - June 6th 2022  "NEO DARK ART: part I - the rise" at Wave Gothic Treffen Leipzig
Sept 3rd 2022 "MIDNIGHT CREATURES" at Edelfettwerk Hamburg
Oct 21st - 23st 2022 "NEO DARK ART: part II - black paradise" at AVANTGARDISTA, Kesselhaus Munich
Nov 10th 2022 "PSYCHO VOLTAGE" at Kit Kat Club Berlin

Dec 23th 2022 "RAW LOVE" book release at Galerie Nieser
Jan 4th - Jan 14th 2023 "ART WEEK" at Galerie Nieser
March 18th 2023"DRESSCODE: NAKED" in Nürnberg (guestlist only)
April 21st/22nd 2023 - "le tour de fuck" at Komplex 457 Zurich, Switzerland 
April 21st - June 21st 2023 - "AI will kill us all" at Galerie Nieser Stuttgart
June 10th 2023 "remote Lola" at Subrosadictum Kesselhaus Munich
June 11th 2023 "AI will kill us all" at Fridas Pier Stuttgart - SWEAT Festival

July 21st  2023 - DesignWerkschau, Gotzinger Str. 52B, München
August 12th 2023 "waving exhibition" FUCK HARDER - LIVE LONGER feat. the army of kink at LoveMobile - street parade Zurich
August 27th 2023 "Voltage unleashed: kink in the concrete jungle" - Nagoya, Japan
September 2023 "Voltage unleashed: kink in the concrete jungle" - Tokyo, Japan
October 18th  2023 - DesignWerkschau, Gotzinger Str. 52B, München
October  20th 2023 - "the new abnormal" at Galerie Nieser Stuttgart
November 11th 2023 - "excess all areas" at Globe Theatre 740 South Broadway, 90014 Los Angeles, California, USA
January 27th 2024 - "Choo Choo MTHRFCKR" at "ein unverschämter Zug" departing at Stuttgart main station
Feb 24th - "Midnight Creatures vol. 2" at Edelfettwerk Hamburg
March 7th 2024 - group exhibition /w Alex Nero Photo, Gili Shani, Lilith Terra, Felix Scheinberger, Andrew Tarusov, Cameron Stewart, Sebastians Laboratory, Daniel Harms, Mika Lang, Pixel Popp, July Space, Maxim Photography, Morph.Arts, Beha Art Photography at Pandora
Galerie - Fetishnale Berlin Kreuzberg


Vince played over 200 shows throughout Europe with several bands and recorded his last album "arrogance" with Pussy Sisster. The album made it to the German rock and metal charts and was reviewed in all big german scene magazines.
During this time Vince played several tours through Europe and shared stage with bands like Helloween, Doro, Pretty Maids, JBO, Kreator, Primal Fear, Bonfire, Axxis and many more...
Before, he played in several bands like "Ex Wife`s skull", "Apathy", "Utopia", "the Danger Dudes" and "the bangkok pirates" - lots of videos can be seen on youtube. Vince also plays the drums and released his first solo album "HARD ROCK SURVIVOR" in April 2017. 
Currently Vince is recording the upcoming Pussy Sisster album.


with Apathy - burned beyond recognition (2002)
with Ex Wife`s Skull - ultimate frightmare (2013)
with Pussy Sisster - Arrogance (Borila records 2015)
as Vince Voltage - Hard Rock Survivor (2017)


"I" artworks book (limited edition - 2017, SOLD OUT)
"SEX,ART & ROCK 'N' ROLL" (Nov 24th 2018, SOLD OUT)
"100% UNCENSORED" (limited edition - Feb 29th 2020, SOLD OUT)
"RAW LOVE" (Nov 10th 2022, U Line Verlag)
"VAI - black series vol.I" (Apr 22nd 2023)
"VAI - pink series vol.I" (Apr 22nd 2023)
"[taˈbuː]" "tba"


"KUNSCHT" Das Buch. (Tim Bengel Verlag - 2016)
Fotosommer Stuttgart Herbsttage (2017)
Weltkunst (Kunstmagazin der "ZEIT") /w veracity exhibition (2017) 
Stuttgarter Zeitung /w veracity exhibition (2017)
recommended by Lift - das Stadtmagazin /w veracity exhibition (2017) 
Virus magazine #75 (2017)
Legacy magazine #108 (2017)
Fabz Black "Black No1" (2017)
Rock Hard magazine #361 (2017)  
Darkside magazine cover issue 8 (2017)
Fet Erotica Issue #14 Magazine Cover (2018)
Xpressions magazine #114 (2018)
Mercedes Benz. Das Magazin. (May 2018) /w Fleisch.Flesh.Meat (2018)
Mayhem Magazine /cover & feature (June 2018) (June 2018)
Wurst of the week Podcast /w Fabz Black (June 2018)
"KUNSCHT" publication 2018 (July 2018)
Southern Daily Echo UK (Aug 2018)
Stuttgart Outstanding interview /w Denise Löher & Tim Bengel (Aug 2018)
World of Goth magazine cover (Halloween issue 2018)
Lift Magazin /w digital art Jesus (Nov 2018)
Stuttgarter Zeitung /w digital art Jesus (Nov 2018)
featured by Beautiful Bizzare Mag Australia (Nov 2018)
Moritz - das Stadtmagazin (Nov 2018)
Lift /w digital art jesus (Nov 2018)
Stuttgarter Zeitung /w digital art jesus (Nov 2018)
Bild Akademie Blog (Nov 2018) (Nov 2018)
Orkus Magazin (Dec 2018)
Avantgardista Blog (Dec 2018)
Ines Witka - Mut book cover - Gatzanis Verlag  (Jan 2019)

Art Basel magazine (Jan 2019)

Dead Ends magazine Cover (2019)
World of Goth Valentine issue Cover (Feb 2019)
Interview Latex Fashion TV in Berlin (May 2019)
Dominate me magazine Cover model (2019)
Nephilim Magazine NY cover /w artificial downtown (2019)
Femme Rebelle magazine (2019)
Marquis Magazin (2019)
Apokalipstick Kit Kat Berlin Cover model /w Ruby Alexia & Ivana Hyde (Aug 2019)
Plattform 11 magazine (Aug 2019)
Stuttgarter Zeitung / Stuttgarter Nachrichten (Aug 2019)
World of Goth magazine cover (Sep 2019)
Xpressions magazine cover (Sep 2019)
Stuttgart geht aus Ausgabe 2020
Mayhem magazine cover (Jan 2020) 
Ines Witka - Rausch book cover - Gatzanis Verlag  (Feb 2020)
Xpressions magazine cover & feature (Jan 2020)
World of Goth calendar 2020
Nephilim Magazine NY cover (March 2020)
Subrosadictum TV (Apr 2020)
Stuttgarter Zeitung (Apr 2020)
Go for more magazine cover (Apr/May 2020)
Voltage AWARD 2020 (live grand jury meeting May 3rd 2020)
Plattform 11 LIVE talk (June 4th 2020)
KINKD magazine cover (Jul 2020)
UV magazine cover (Jul 2020)
Tattoo magazin Hungary (Aug 2020)

Feine Adressen magazine germany (Nov 2020)
Arcotel magazine (2020)
KINK`D magazine issue 11 (Jan 2022)
Virus magazine #106 (Feb 2022)
Jean Beauvoir - bet my soul on rock 'n' roll autobiography
back jacket cover (Mar 2022)
Orkus magazine - event tip NEO DARK ART feature (Mai 2022) 
Pfingstbote WGT (June 2022)
Hamburg,de (August 2022)
Hamburger Stadtmagazin (August 2022)
MARQUIS magazine (August 2022)
Dead Ends magazine (August 2022)
Orkus - Buchtipp (Nov 2022)
interview with Cuban art magazine Felix (Dec 2022)
Schlossmagazin Augsburg (Jan 2023)
Marquis magazine 76 (Mar 2023)
Threewords Magazine (June 2023)
Marquis Magazine 78 (Aug 2023)
"ungescriptet" Ben Berndt Podcast (Aug 2023)
BILD Zeitung (Dec 2023)
MARQUIS Magazine "Big in Japan"(Mar 2024)


Abenteuer Leben (Kabel 1 2015)
Goodbye Freiheit – Die Junggesellenabschiede (RTL 2 2016)


Verpiss Dich Schneewittchen (2018) /w Bülent Ceylan


Eri Kitami (JAP)
Ruby Alexia (UK)
Starfucked (SWE)
Mylittlevronie (SWE)
Maika Kamisusaki (JAP)
Dani Divine (UK)
Kiet Katharsis (NLD)
Leah Obscure
Vipers Doll
Savage Betty (FRA)


LUCKY Pop Up Gallery Berlin (2018)
Avantgardista Munich (2018)
Bang your Head Festival Balingen (2016-2017)
Rock of Ages Festival (2016-2017)


Kurage (JAP) 

Mark Cordory  (UK)

Maskenzauber Berlin

Wondersteam boutique (FRA)

Dust Monkey (GB)

Bizarre Noir (GRE)

Wastelandpirate (SWE)

Rad Roach Geardreamwarriors clothing (FIN)

trashman hax

Seann Jewall

Siroj Steems (NLD)

dark pleasure design
Dino Sadino and many more plus:

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